Sunflower Hill Farm Beef

All our beef is grass fed/grass finished. They live their entire lives with access to inside & outside, never receiving unnecessary antibiotics/drugs, access to fresh, clean water, and in the winter, eating our organic hay. If you are going to eat meat, shouldn't you eat the very best you can?  

Sunflower Hill Farm Ground Beef

Grass Fed/Finished Ground Beef - Our specialty!!


Try our ground beef. You'll never want another! 

1-5 pounds = $7 per pound

6-20 pounds = $6.50 per pound

21-40 pounds = $6 per pound

41-75 pounds = $5.50 per pound

for more than 75 pounds, please contact us!


On Farm, No Contact pick up: Sunday, May 3 2-4pm

Pay in advance via Paypal or leave a check or exact cash at the farm.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card